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Vehicle Pollution Control
ติดประกาศ Wed 27 November 2013@10:54:35 โดย aom

การจัดการคุณภาพอากาศและเสียง Anonymous บันทึก "          1. Detection of black smoke emissions from vehicles and noise pollution from diesel vehicles, in the cooperation with The Thai Traffic Police, which has the authority to monitor, inspect and penalize any vehicle emitting black smoke or noise pollution in excess of the standard limits. If any vehicle is found emitting black smoke in excess of the standard limits, the penalty will be a 1,000 baht fine for the big one and 500 bath fine for the small one.


          2. Detection of black smoke emissions from public vehicles with the cooperation with The Department of Land Transport, which has the authority to inspect, penalize and prohibit the use of public vehicles. However, if any vehicle is found to be emitting black smoke in excess of the standard limits, the penalty will be a 1,000 baht fine and a prohibition of the use of the vehicle until it is repaired or improved.

          3. Measuring of emissions from government vehicles in Bangkok, both diesel vehicles and gasoline vehicles, in order to control within the standard limits on emissions.

          4. Measuring of black smoke emissions from small cars such as pick-up trucks and personal vans. If any vehicle is found to be emitting black smoke in excess of the standard limits, it will be temporarily prohibited from use until the performance of the vehicle is improved by the owner.

         5. Measuring of emissions from minibuses (Rot Song-Thaew) and affiliated buses, in the cooperation with The Department of the Environment and The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) by inspecting vehicles in transportation service along the high-emission roads. This will encourage the companies and the drivers to maintain their vehicle’s engines in order to reduce emissions.

          6. Increasing of dust cleaning and frequency on the roads. An analysis of the frequency of road cleaning by BMA and the amount of particulate matter along the roads found that increasing the frequency of road cleaning correlated to a positive decline in total particulate matter. BMA has a policy of cleaning the roads every day in the city areas, cleaning the roads every other day in urban areas, cleaning the roads at least once a week in rural areas, and trying to always keep areas around intersection flyovers clean.

          7. Data collection of noise levels from motorcycle taxis in Bangkok since 2009 for setting up air quality and noise management plans in Bangkok and promoting of motorcycle taxi maintenance. With the cooperation of the district offices in order to reduce pollution, BMA instructed motorcycle taxi riders on how to maintain their motorcycles properly and its relation to the pollution problem. Therefore, maintenance of motorcycles would be carried out properly to decrease pollution.

          8. Measuring of the noise levels from exhaustpipe of public service boats in Bangkok canals with cooperation between The Air Quality and Noise Management Division of The Department of Environment, The Marine Department and The Pollution Control Department. The Marine Department has the authority to prohibit the use of public service boats which produce excessive noise above the standard limits, and the imspection together with promotion of engine maintenance to reduce noise pollution. In addition, the noise pollution exhaust from public service boats is monitored in ten canal, including San-Saeb Canal, Bangkok-Yai Canal, Bangkok-Noi Canal, Phrakanong Canal, Chakphra Canal, Pasi-Charoen Canal, Bang-Luang Canal, Mon Canal, Dan and Dow-Ka-Nong Canal, will be monitored in order to reduce noise pollution that affect people who travel or live along the canals. 


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สำนักสิ่งแวดล้อม ศาลาว่าการ กทม.2 ถนนมิตรไมตรี เขตดินแดง กท.10400 โทร. 0 2247 1812
Environment Department, Bangkok City Hall 2  Mitrmaitri Road, Dindeang District, Bangkok 10400 Thailand Tel. 0 2247 1812

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)
173 Dinso Road, Sao Ching Cha, Phra Nakorn District, Bangkok 10200, Thailand Tel. 02 224 3055, 02 2261710 Fax. 02 224 3059
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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is organized in accordance with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Act 1985 to be responsible for the management of the city of Bangkok. It is the sole organization at the local authority level responsible for its duties and it provides services for the well-being of Bangkok residents.